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God said “It is not good for man to be alone.” (Genesis 2:18) You were designed for relationships – to be connected and we believe life is better connected because connected people go further, faster. God created you for authentic community, more than a gathering in rows on a Sunday and Circles is where church really happens. A place for caring, growing, serving and influencing; beneficial to you and irresistible to those still exploring.


Circles is our new strategy at The Forge. It reflects our values of intimacy with God, community with insiders and influence of outsiders. Simply put, Circles is all about discipleship, community and evangelism.

We asked ‘how can we improve our relationship with God, be open and transparent with one another and not lose sight of our role in outreach to the wider community?’ That’s where Circles comes in – because we believe that life transformation happens best when we experience community in circles
not rows. At The Forge, we are known for our rows, but the strength of our church must lie in what happens in circles. We have the opportunity to grow in our spiritual lives, to connect and positively influence our communities both locally and globally – and we’re really excited about what this change might bring.

So what does ‘Circles’ at The Forge look like?

We recognize that one size rarely fits all, so we’ve created four different environments:

• 10 Month Groups
• Serving Teams
• Running Mates
• Short Term Groups

You may be familiar with some of the names, others may be new. Either way, we’ll tell you about each Circle and step you through both what’s on offer and how to get connected:

Do you want to deepen friendships, pursue God and grow alongside others?
Find Out More

Would you love to be part of a team who together make The Forge what it really is?
Find Out More

Do you want to grow stronger in your faith and dig deeper into life with the support of close friends?
Find Out More

What environments are you putting yourself in, to help get to know others and go deeper?
Find Out More

We’ve also included a ‘frequently asked questions’ sections, if you’re unsure on any of this. If your question isn’t on the list, feel free to email with any further queries you may have.

For June’s Circles series, look here.

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