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Central Groups

Welcome to the list of Central Groups, some of these are short term groups, others last longer than 10 Months but all fit within our Circles strategy.

Theopraxis Course

putting theology into practice

When:  Monday evenings, in 4 week blocks, five times a year
Where: Stonham Baptist Community Church

Good theology isn’t acquiring knowledge. It’s becoming more like Jesus

Over the year we will cover five distinct subjects, in blocks of four weeks. This will be an evening of content and conversation for those that want to dig a little deeper. A teacher presents helpful theology and then allows time for you to absorb that content through interaction with others.  It’s not about theology for theology’s sake, but how we live, based on what we know about God. It’s becoming more like Jesus, which means loving God and others more fully.

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Alpha Course

Runs a couple of times a year

The Alpha Course is a FREE course that runs for about 9/10 weeks, designed for those who want to explore the meaning of life in a safe & non judgmental environment. The course is very relaxed & great fun (that’s probably why over 24 million people around the world have already done it!) Why don’t you come along & try out the first evening just to see whether this could be for you?

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Disciple Course

When: Monday, 8pm, every week for 12 weeks
Where: Debenham

This is a SHORT TERM GROUP running for just 12 weeks, taking a look at the new Freedom In Christ material, Disciple.  Disciple is an extraordinary 10-week journey discovering who you are in Christ, enabling you to take hold of the freedom He has won for you, and to walk in your God-given mandate.  If you are feeling stuck in your faith, struggling with repetitive behaviour that you know isn’t healthy for you, or simply want to go deeper in your faith, then this is the short term group for you.

Maximum No: 9

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Filmmaking Course

When: Thursdays, 7:30pm, fortnightly
Where: Forge Office

This is a short term filmmaking group (running for 5 months) focused on training volunteers up to specifically be part of the video production team at the Forge.  So if you’re interested in film making, want to learn how to be part of the team, then this is the group for you.

Maximum No: 8

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