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Debenham 10 Month Groups

Welcome to the list of Debenham 10 Month Groups, part of our Circles strategy. 

Below you will find a comprehensive list of every group at your location:


Ros Hughes

When: Monday afternoons, 2 – 4:30pm, every week

Where: Old Newton

I am Ros, I’ve been part of the Forge for 18 years. Married to Ed and children, Mark (at University) and Ruth who works in Stow at Osier Cafe. I work part time (practise nurse), have an allotment and a passion for the community that I live in.

Find the idea of crafting / creating relaxing and love catching up with friends over coffee and cake? Then this group is for you. This is the third year of running our crafty group and although life has not been without many challenges for us, knowing that there is a group of people walking with you makes it possible.

Although this is listed as a crafting group, all you need to have is a willingness to have ago. The aim of the group is about coming together in a relaxed and fun environment to spend time with each other supporting, encouraging, praying and sharing life together over coffee, cake and craft.

Maximum No: 8

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Sue & Mike Cockle

When: Mondays, 7pm, fortnightly

Where: Thorndon and homes of those involved

We are Mike and Sue Cockle and have been attending the Forge Church since 2014. We work in London and Framlingham respectively and have three children aged 11, 12 and 14; Mike also has another older son, and a brand new grandson! We’re aiming this group at folk wanting to forge new and strong personal connections in a small group and through that to deepen their relationship with God. That apart, we are very flexible about what the group will be like but it will definitely have a fun and social side as well!

Maximum No: 8

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Helen Bolton – FULLY BOOKED

When: Wednesdays, 7:30pm, weekly

Where: Needham Market

I’ve been part of the Forge for over 20 years, it’s a place where I’ve continued to learn and grow in faith. I would love my small group to be a place where friendships are forged and where we live life together a little and grow together in our faith.

I think sitting around a table, sharing a meal is a great way to connect and get to know each other, so I’d like us to share a simple meal together each week in September. After that we can decide together how and what we want to study (and whether to continue to eat together!) There’s a wealth of material out there to tap into. I’d love us to commit to praying together, for each other and particularly for our local area. It would be great to begin to positively impact our local area too. So, if food, chat and deepening relationship with Jesus and each other is for you sign up!

Maximum No: 9

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Emily Hannah

When: Tuesday, 8pm, every week

Where: Debenham (but will circulate to different people’s homes to help with child care)

This is a group for parents looking to explore how they can foster faith in their children. If you’ve ever thought the task impossible, felt as though you haven’t a clue what you’re doing, or simply wondered how you can give your kids the best chance to engage with God, then you’re in good company. I definitely don’t have the answers, but together we’ll work through material from Care for the Family to explore how we can grow and develop together in this area.

Maximum No: 9

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Andy & Claire Mulley – FULLY BOOKED

When: Thursdays, 7:30pm, weekly

Where: Stowmarket

Andrew and I are based in Stowmarket and are proud parents to Liam (21) and Rebecca (18). We started attending the Forge in 2013, and after being part of the Thurston launch team in 2014, are now back at Debenham where our journey into faith began.

We love the fact that we call the Forge home! Our involvement in various serving roles has, without a doubt been a major contributor to this sense of belonging. Andrew recently led the visuals team at Thurston and was also involved in set-up and pack-down; I led Hospitality and together we were also part of the base youth team. I have recently joined the music team – a huge step outside of my comfort zone, but I am loving it!

Andrew and I share a passion for worship, hosting and hospitality; we love opening up our home and cooking for others! Nothing makes us happier than sharing good food, building strong friendships and growing in faith alongside others. If any/all of this sounds appealing, we would love to invite you to be a part of this 10-month journey with us!

A typical evening will involve singing together, eating together (sometimes a full meal, sometimes just homemade cake!) and learning more about God – together!

Maximum No: 8

Robert and Angela Driver & Sue Johnson

When: Wednesdays, 7:30pm, every week

Where: Mendlesham

We are friends who share a passion for Jesus, and for seeing people discover more about who they are in Christ. Our group will often eat together, sharing and building friendships that will help us to learn, to pray and to serve. We’ll identify our spiritual goals and create strategies designed to move us towards them. We’ll have fun, be creative and we won’t be afraid to step out into something new!

Maximum No: 6

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Steve Fenning – FULLY BOOKED

When: Tuesday, 7:30 – 10:00pm, every week.

Where: Mendlesham


This group is for blokes who wouldn’t normally join a group. The plan is to watch Premiership or Champions League football; to eat and drink together and to build friendship. We might even venture out on occasions to see some live sport or frequent a local Indian restaurant. Not high on spiritual content but a chance to hang out, to talk and to see some great football!

Maximum No: 7 (could be more if someone with Sky Sports and BT Sport has a bigger house to host us)

Dave Hannah – FULLY BOOKED

When: Tuesdays or Wednesdays, 7:30pm, every week

Where: Debenham


Every man needs a battle to fight, an adventure to live and a beauty to rescue. This group will be taking a look at material from the Wild At Heart boot camp by John Eldridge, looking specifically at: The heart of a man, the poser, the wound, finding your calling, warfare and rescuing the beauty. A great chance to explore God’s view of this world, the adventure He has for you and learn God’s view of you as a man.

Maximum No: 6

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Gill Fenning – FULLY BOOKED

When: Wednesday, 8pm, every week

Where: Wickham Skeith & Earl Stonham

We are a group of “older” people who encourage and support each other, focusing on bible study and a desire to deepen our faith in God.

Maximum No: 10

Sarah Fenning & Andrea Stewart

When: Tuesday, 7:30 – 9:00pm, every week.

Where: Stonham Aspal


This group is for new Christians or those wanting to go over the basics of belief. It is intended as a next step from Alpha as well as a refresher course for those returning to faith. We will explore what it means to pray, engage with the Bible and make faith meaningful in our lives. Over the course of the year, we will watch the Prayer Course (from HTB Church), read Velvet Elvis, by Rob Bell and use a variety of other materials and approaches in order to encourage a robust, exciting faith.

Maximum No: 6

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John & Penny Edgar – FULLY BOOKED

When: Wednesday, 7:45- 9:45pm, every week

Where: Capel St Mary and Mid/South Suffolk (meeting in group members homes)

We’ve been married for over twenty years and have been at the Forge for five. We hope to facilitate a group where everyone can be themselves, get to know one another and work out what it means to follow God. We’ll use resources such as DVDs and books and encourage everyone to take turns at leading discussions. There will be prayer, encouragement, and hopefully fun and of course tea/coffee/biscuits (and maybe even cake?). We will meet in different group members’ homes if members are willing.

Maximum No: 8


Karen & Dean Mitchell

When: Wednesday, 7:45pm, Fortnightly

Where: Ipswich

Karen and Dean – We live in Ipswich and have been married for four years, both of us have been through a divorce, and we are so thankful to the Lord for all He has done for us individually and as a couple.

We run the DivorceCare course at The Forge. We like our garden and try to spend time in it or to take walks together (when time permits). Also spending time with our three children and one granddaughter.

We want to explore God’s word together using a variety of resources and media, also spending time praying together. Using the time together to enjoy each other’s company. We want our group to be fun and a place where people can be open and honest when we meet together. A place where you can be ‘yourself’. To grow together in understanding what God wants for each of us.

Maximum No: 10

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Geoff & Judy Robinson – FULLY BOOKED

When: Wednesday, 7:30pm, every week

Where: Stowmarket / Combs area

Geoff and Judy live in Combs near Stowmarket. Our group is built on the principle of building a strong, supportive community, where each member is valued and encouraged to participate in group evenings.

We explore God’s word together using a variety of resources and media, spend time praying together and enjoying each other’s company, with lots of social activities. You will find a very warm welcome if you would like to spend time with this group. We meet once a week on a Wednesday evening in the Stowmarket / Combs area, with breaks for school holidays.

Maximum No: 11

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Dorothy Englert & Nicky Arbon

When: Wednesday, 8 – 9:30pm, weekly, term time.

Where: Framlingham

A group for those with a passion and heart for Framlingham and surrounding villages. Creating an environment where we can grow and develop with our faith and friendships, seeking to follow Jesus through sharing his word together and with our communities.

Maximum No: 10

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Still & Arvil Askew

When: Wednesdays, 8 – 9:30pm, fortnightly
Where: Framlingham, Cretingham and homes of those involved

If you live in the Framlingham or surrounding areas, want to get to know others and explore more of who Jesus is, then this is the group for you. With core values of growing with God, growing in community, faith, and impact in our local community, this group has community at it’s heart.

Maximum No: 10

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Nicky & Justin Smith, Jane & Mike Ryder

When: Wednesday, 8 – 9:30pm, every week

Where: Cretingham, and the homes of anyone willing to host

This group is for anyone in and around the Framingham area. This is a great way to connect in, with a focus of getting to know one another, as we also look to get to know Jesus. Our aims are to grow together in community, faith and relationships with people outside the church, this is a great group to belong to.

This group is designed to be a good first step for anyone new to groups or the church and will remain open throughout the year, for anyone to attend, no matter when they arrive / wish to sign up.

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Ray & Anne Fenning – FULLY BOOKED

When: Thursday, 7:45pm, every week.

Where: Mendlesham

We have been married for nearly forty years and have been part of the Forge from the beginning. Ray has an arable and poultry farm raising chicks from day old. We like being outside and can often be found on the golf course. Our children are all grown up and we love visiting our grandchildren.

We love small groups. We enjoy talking and getting to know people. Talking thing through and asking questions, daft or otherwise, is a great way to get to know the bible and the God who is behind it. In addition to this small groups provide that relaxed atmosphere where we can get to know each other better and support and encourage one another.

Maximum No: 8

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