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Thurston 10 Month Groups

Welcome to the list of Thurston 10 Month Groups, part of our Circles strategy. 

Below you will find a comprehensive list of every group at your location:

Netti & Gez Wilden – FULLY BOOKED

When: Wednesday 7:30 – 9:30pm, fortnightly

Where: Stowmarket

We’ve been married 14 years and have 2 daughters Elise 10 and Aimee 8. Gez also has 3 older children William, Joseph and Sophie. We’ve been part of the Forge since 2003, and are now part of Forge Thurston. Gez serves on the set up, pack down and kids church teams, and Netti heads up the hospitality team.

We aim to provide a relaxed environment for our 10 month group that gives us protected time out to be ourselves and be ‘perfectly imperfect’ together, looking together at what God has to teach us about living this life we’re in and what he means by living it to the full. And then doing that life together … with plenty of good food and good fun!

We are hugely passionate about our local community (Stowmarket) and so there will also be a focus on finding out ways we can be #ForStowmarket as a 10 month group. We’ll have regular socials such as going to the cinema, movie nights, walks (in the better weather) and certainly lots of food focused events! We’ll also schedule in some whole family socials at the weekends from time to time, such as BBQs, trips to the beach and Sunday lunches together.

Maximum No: 6

Becky & Tim Warnock – FULLY BOOKED

When: Wednesday 7:45 – 10pm, every week

Where: Stowmarket


Looking at current issues that we face including managing our finances, finding our role within the church, negotiating relationships, serving God in the work environment and how to juggle all these things at the same time as focussing on your relationship with God.

Maximum No: 10

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Nicky Thomas – FULLY BOOKED

When: Wednesdays, 8pm
Where: Ixworth

Friendship and fun are at the heart of this group. Creating an informal environment in which to share life, explore faith, and learn more about God with each other, and how we can live out our faith in a quick, inspiring, and challenging way.

With a mixture of DVD series to help you grow in faith and prompt discussion, evenings where we can share stuff that we’ve read or heard about that has had an impact on us and our relationship with God, and socials for you and all the family, this is a great fun group to be part of.

Maximum No: 10


Sarah Cobbold

When: Weds, 1pm, weekly
Where: Stowmarket (circulating around peoples homes)

This is a group for parents looking to support each other and explore how they can foster faith in their children. If you’ve ever thought the task impossible, felt as though you haven’t a clue what you’re doing, or simply wondered how you can give your children the best chance to engage with God, then you’re in good company. Together we’ll work through material from ‘Care for the Family’ to explore how we can grow and develop together in this area.

Maximum No: 6

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Peter & Lynn Moore

When: Wednesday 7:30pm, every week

Where: Stowmarket

We have been at the Forge for around 18 years now serving in various roles at Mendlesham, Debenham and more recently at Thurston. We attended Bible college (with a baby Jake) nearly 30 years ago and have settled in Needham Market.

We would like to look deeper into the Bible to see what we can discover and how it can be applied in todays world. We’ll look to build a supportive network within the group and involve people in elements of the evening.

Maximum No: 8

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Tim Sparkes

When: Thursday 7:30 – 9:45pm, every week

Where: Haughley, Stowmarket

  • Do you want to get fit?
  • Do you want to enjoy the company of new friends?
  • Do you enjoy running?
  • Do you enjoy appreciating God’s great outdoors?
  • Do you want to be challenged physically and spiritually?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of these questions then this may be the group for you.

My name is Tim. I have attended The Forge with my family for several years, I help lead our youth work and have been part of Thurston since it started in 2014. I am married to Lisa and am a proud dad to Lois (17), Charis (15) and Noah (12). I have been running to keep fit since about 2016.

I enjoy being outdoors, sometimes running – sometimes BBQ-ing. I also enjoy films, quality TV shows and Xbox. All levels of fitness and running experience are welcome in this group. We will enjoy getting to know each other better, learning together, running together and worshipping God together. Mostly all at the same time.

Every Thursday we will meet in Haughley at 7:30pm. After a short video based teaching and discussion time, we will continue the conversation as we head out for a run together, ending our evening at 9:45pm.

Whether you have never run before or you have completed several marathons, there is a place for you in the group. We will set ourselves targets based on ability and aim to all run the Thurston 3km or 10km Fun Run in May.

Maximum No: 11

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Karen Austin & Ruth Glanville – FULLY BOOKED

When: Wednesdays, fortnightly, 7:30pm

Where: Stowmarket


I’m Karen, I’m married to Paul and have two children Summer, 11 and Ben, 8. I like to keep fit, enjoy running and love to read. I became a Christian in 2014 after attending an Alpha course at The Forge.

I am Ruth, I’m married to Philip and have two boys Alfie, 13 and Thomas, 11. I work as a Higher level teaching assistant at Wood Ley Primary School in Stowmarket. I love watching football and reading. 

We are friends who met through The Forge. We will be a ‘girls only’ group, who will meet fortnightly to encourage and support each other in our every day lives. We will use a variety of resources to help us grow as individuals and as a group. We want to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their thoughts and asking questions.

In addition to the regular evenings, we will plan social activities with family/partners, such as a picnic, walk, fish & chips, etc. Whilst our social events will be aimed at families, we would also welcome couples and singles who would enjoy these activities.

We will also invest in various community projects to be decided by the group.

Maximum Number: 8

Jonny & Kirstie Land – FULLY BOOKED

When: Thursday 7:30 – 9:30pm, every week

Where: Bradfield St George

We LOVE to pray. Pray for each other, pray for our communities and our church. We want to spend time with God and we expect to hear from God. This will be one of our main focuses over the 10 months, along with exploring the Bible together and its impact on our lives.

So if you want to step out of your comfort zone and be challenged in your walk with God, we would love to welcome you to our group!

And there will be cake! Much cake and tea and laughing…

Maximum No: 8


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