We prayed today for Josué. He’s 14 and was given an apprentice work opportunity. Things have been going really well but through a series of circumstances he missed two days at work; so the company understandably let him go. Josue was devastated.His hope for a better future was crushed. He was going today with his mentor to ask for another chance and no one held out much hope – things in Guatemala just don’t work out that way. We prayed and as we said “Amen” the phone rang. It was Josué. He’s been given another chance.

Grace, forgiveness and miracles coming together to offer hope to a young boy.


We prayed today that the church could come together and we would feed the hungry clothe the naked. Our evening walk took us to Las Casona. A covered overarch at the top of a busy intersection where some 10 -15 people live. Some young, some old. A couple of old mattresses and a tarpaulin. We gave sweets and water out. We sat and talked and played little games. As we are talking a car pulls up and hands out 3 bin bags full of clean clothes.  “De Dios”  “From God” he said.

Love, Church and miracles coming together to give from what we have to those who have not.


I don’t know what you think about prayer. Maybe you’re reading this and don’t believe in a God who can answer or who even cares… But we do. It’s the foundation of our faith, that the Creator Sustainer God comes near. That He listens and answers.

Of course there are times when God seems silent; and times when my only prayer is “But why God ?”  There are times when everyone else has stories to tell of answered prayer and mine seem to drift by God seemingly unnoticed. There are times when I have more questions than answers.

But maybe it’s in that relational struggle – the toing and froing – that God meets with us. As we wrestle with Him we get an understanding of His will and hearts desire and so we pray more into Him and less in us.

And maybe all too often our prayers are too small, too general and too selfish for us to notice the answered prayer anyway.


“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” unknown