Hi, Becky here. I am sat on the floor of the church auditorium and it’s 23:11 at night. Around me are 20 restless women who we are hosting for the night. Women who are homeless and are part of the Denver Homeless Initiative that Open Door Fellowship host each and every Sunday evening.

At around 6pm we helped these women set up their cots (think camp-beds), we gave out blankets and pillows and set about introducing ourselves. Some have been homeless for a long time. Some have lost complete contact with family. Some are sick. But there is a bit of hope amongst it all. At least two of the women are working. And what grit and resilience they show to be able to work despite being homeless. I’m not sure I would be able to do the same.

Martin and I’s shift is almost over and it’s time to wake Tony, Graeme and Pete to come and take over from us. We need some much needed sleep. But I am very thankful that back home I have a bed that I sleep in and that it’s the same bed in the same place every night. It is great that these women have a bed each night but there is something about having a space that is your own.

These women and many others that we will meet this week don’t have much to call their own. Martin and I commented on how very little possessions the women had brought with them this evening. I guess you can get used to not having much and maybe a simplified life is a good one. But only if that’s by choice and not through force or necessity. One of the things a trip like this always does is challenges my views and perceptions of others and already I’ve been reminded that there is or maybe that would be better said ‘should’ be no difference between them and us. Sadly though we, the culture and the systems around us, don’t support this.