Today I have been busy with Bruce who is the co-director of Ezra working alongside Bex with the homeless population in Denver. 

Outreach, today we were told!!  So what does that involve your mind wonders. Well firstly we fill up the ‘bladders’ with fresh coffee & we add creamer to our bags. As we walk the 20 mins down to civic centre Bruce jokingly says “Well during outreach we ask a question: Do you love Jesus?” Actually no we don’t the first question is “would you like a coffee and would you like creamer?”  So once we had got to the park we look for a group of people who we could engage with.  Scary you might think but as soon as you open your mouth your accent gives you away.  And then the conversation flows: “Oh yes please I’ll have a coffee, where are you from? Are you with Bruce? Where in England are you from?”

So this is what the Ezra team do several times a week. This got me thinking, they are Jesus’s  feet walking the same path as the homeless. Bruce, what you are doing to the least of these you do to Jesus. It might just be a cup of coffee but it opens up the opportunity to show love & care. People  normally turn the other way when they encounter the street sleeper, but these people care to share a cup of coffee. Relationships are built up over a long period of time and become known as those who care. Last week Bruce was able to pray with a guy who had lost a relative and he was grateful for the time given. Yes it was a challenge but a privilege to offer just a cup of coffee.