As we sat at Denver International Airport last Monday, Tony offered a conversation starter…

What has been the highlight and lowlight of the trip for each of us? Here are our responses:
Tony Hutt: : What was the best part of the trip for you? And the worst?

Rebekah Warnock: Best….seeing Maya with Bex. Maya is someone I have known for years and it is great to see her in such a good place and moving forward. She is also insanely funny so we have a very good evening. Ask me about it sometime about how we we went to the wrong vietnamese restaurant!
Worst….probably Celebrate Recovery. It’s a group based recovery programme. The fact that it was my worst experience is a reflection on me not CR itself. This environment totally puts me out of comfort zone.

Tim Warnock: Best, serving alongside some great people.
And the worst was partly the best as well. Seeing Sid was great but heartbreaking to see nothing has changed in his life over the last few years.

Peter Warnock: Serving on outreach best. Seeing the gratitude in the streetkids that we gave coffee to was amazing.
Hearing the tragic stories of some of them was hardest.

Tony Hutt: Best: the mountains, closely followed by an insight into the urban mission with Bex and Bruce. Actually printing T shirts was the best!
Worst: nothing bad really, but there was much sadness encountered in the outreach and the rescue mission, not to mention the attitude of most residents to the homeless.

Martin Cobbold: Best: teaching at DRM [Denver Rescue Mission]. I taught a session to a group of guys who are looking for employment.
Worst: knowing that it’s likely I won’t know what becomes of those we met/spoke to/prayed for and might not ever see them again.

Graeme Thomas: Best – the print shop guys were great and also the gratitude from all we met.
Hardest- feel a bit helpless that I can’t help everybody but have learnt an important lesson to try and be a blessing to those I have met

Lynne Warnock: Best for me was outreach and the print shop but meeting Jeff Lucas [at the airport on the way back] topped the 10 days off nicely still buzzing! Thanks to you all for a very memorable trip—couldn’t have hand picked a better team.
(You really need to ask Lynne about her Jeff Lucas story – it is absolutely incredible and blew us all away!)

So there we have it the Denver trip is done for another year, but the work God has started in us through it is certainly not done yet.