In 2012 we embarked on a partnership with one particular community in Zambia.

africahoseMaposa is a subsistence farming area in the Luanshya district. There is very little development activity and the literacy rate is exceptionally low.

The Forge has committed to helping this community in turn help their vulnerable children. Over the next few years our teams will be spending time in Maposa, walking with the care workers there and providing activities and support for the children. We have also committed to ensuring that 75 children in Maposa have access to food, education and basic health care.

But we need you to get involved.

Sponsoring a child in Maposa for £15 a month will ensure the provision of these three essential services, provided through the care workers in the community, supported by Hands at Work. In return we will receive regular updates on how the children of Maposa are doing, which we will then pass on to you.

You could sponsor as an individual, as a family or why not consider getting a group together to take this on?


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