Some of us will go for 2 weeks and some for a lifetime. Let us introduce you to some Forge folk we support, who have committed for the long haul…



Ash Stannard: In 2012 Ash moved to work with our partner church in Sirac, Croatia. Here he met and married Tamara and worked primarily in the youth ministry. In 2018, Ash and Tamara moved to Zagreb, Croatia where they are now working with an organisation called DPB and Ash is involved in setting up a sports ministry.


Bex Drake: Bex has been in Denver, USA since 2001. Having previous been a teacher and architect it was the street kids of this city that broke her heart and stirred her to work with them for the organisation Open Door Ministries. She spends a lot of her time mentoring and discipling girls who either are or have been on the streets.


Dan and Jen Waspe: …and their three boys Marley, Sonney and Micah, work with Hands at Work in South Africa where they’ve been since 2009. Their days can go from being in some of the poorest communities to organising and looking after volunteers, but always with the orphan or vulnerable child not far from their mind.