Why would you spend your well earned money and give up your well deserved holiday to join one of our global teams?

Well the thing is, we believe it’s something required of us. God has a global vision and he asks us to be a part of that in serving those both locally and globally (Acts 1:8).

When Mother Teresa was asked what it was like in Calcutta she would reply with three simple words…”come and see”. You will never understand another person’s world view until you go and walk alongside them. These trips give us a unique opportunity to get alongside some of the poorest of the poor, to relieve poverty, to give love and hope and to share encouragement with those who are there for the long haul.
We’ve discovered that partnership is key to what we do overseas and so that is why we’ve carefully selected four different partnerships in different areas of the world to connect with. The organisations we partner with all share similar values and are committed to serving the vulnerable where they are.

In creating opportunities to serve overseas we get to be involved directly with life transformation. We get to help our partners in meeting the needs of individuals and families. And as people choose to serve, a life long change starts to take place. You will see and experience new things, you will develop gifts you never knew you had, you’ll get to know your team to a whole new level and you will be supporting the church in our mission to transform lives.

So what are you waiting for?


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