Do Forge Kids events cost anything?

Forge Kids is our gift to children so, as far we can, we do not charge for events.  We are excited your children are with us.


What happens when we arrive at an event?

You and your child will be welcomed by a member of the team and we will take your details.  All of our volunteers will have a badge and a big smile!


What if I need to be contacted during the event?

When your children first attend a Forge Kids event you will be asked to fill in a registration form which will allow us to contact you easily and quickly if there is a problem.


What do I need to do to help make my child’s stay a happy one?

Your registration form will include space for details such as allergies and medical issues.  If there are any other things that would help us, please talk to one of the volunteers.


What kind of security check do the volunteers have to go through?

Screening for all Kids at The Forge volunteers includes background checks, CRB disclosures and personal interviews with Forge staff.  We also have a specific Forge Safeguarding team and policy as well as regular training for all our volunteers. A copy of our Safeguarding Policy can be downloaded here: Safeguarding Policy