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Home » Media » All Talks (Week 8 - Do not steal - Kat Johnston)

All Talks

Week 8 – Do not steal

Kat Johnston, October 21, 2018
Part of the Chiselled series, given at a Sunday service

Sunday 21 October 2018
Week 8 – Do not steal
Kat Johnston

We are not talking about the striking jaw line of a catwalk model, or the rock-hard abs of an Olympic athlete. We are talking about some ancient wisdom chiselled on tablets of stone that still form the foundation of our western society.

“So Moses chiselled out two tablets of stone…” (Exodus 34:4)

God was about to download to his people some new rules for the road… And, like any teenager desperately searching for some WiFi, Moses was standing ready with his tablet…

Though sadly we no longer have the originals (not even in the British Museum!) their content is just as relevant today. They are ten personal pathways to a better life.

Week 1 – No other gods
Week 2 – Have no idols
Week 3 – OMG! Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain
Week 4 – Honour your Mum and Dad
Week 5 – Thou shalt take the day off
Week 6 – Do not murder
Week 7 – Thou shalt not sleep around
Week 8 – Do not steal
Week 9 – Do not lie
Week 10 – Do not covet

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