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Home » Media » What is this thing called Church? (Andy Stanley)

What is this thing called Church? (Andy Stanley)

Sunday 29 December 2013
9.30am and 11.30am
What is this thing called church?
Andy Stanley (via DVD)

Jesus predicted that he would start a gathering, a movement… what we call church. He said that church would go global and change the world forever. It must have sounded crazy to even his closest followers. But 2000 years later – here we are!

It’s not often we get to hear a world renowned speaker at the Forge. Andy Stanley is consistently named as America’s most influential pastor. His church in Atlanta has more than 33,000 people attending five locations each Sunday.

His message in this talk is simple, it’s powerful and it’s centred around one big thought: Jesus is serious about this church thing, and he will make sure it’s a success. The question is: Are you in?

Watch the screen…

Note: we are live streaming at 9.30 as usual but we are not archiving the service due to copyright.

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What is this thing called church?
(Part of the What is this thing called Church? series).
Talk by Andy Stanley (via video) on December 29, 2013 (Sunday).
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