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Home » Media » Its all about ‘the win’

Its all about ‘the win’

Sunday 12 May 2013
9.30am & 11.30am
Its all about ‘the win’ 
Steve Fenning


From a high flying business deal to a new partnership the question always comes down to this: ‘So what’s the win?’

What does success look like with this? What’s the promise? What’s the pay off?

You need to clarify ‘the win’ more than you think in life. After all, its impossible to know if you are making progress if you are not clear on the destination. No player in any sports team is confused about the goal. They may not always reach it (insert Ipswich Town joke here) but they know what it is.

So is there a win for the Forge? And do we have a scoreboard so we know what it looks like? And while we are about it – whats a win look like for your life?

When all all is said and done, what is it we want to look back on a celebrate?

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It’s all about the win
(Part of the The Big Idea series).
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Talk by Steve Fenning on May 12, 2013 (Sunday).
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