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Red Letter Day

A Forge TV show Premiering on Sunday 15th July 2012
The Upward moving Slinky – How to live a life that defies the odd’s


PLEASE: Don’t come to Debenham on Sunday because we won’t be there.
However, we will be in your living room via a screen.
Forge Small Groups are gathering all across Suffolk on July 15th to watch this new, 30 minute, fast paced Forge TV programme called ‘The Upward Moving Slinky‘. It features music videos from Phil and the Forge band, a wacky staff slinky race and short revolutionary talk from Duncan and his slinky…
You can also access the show on our website from 9.30am on Sunday
Not in a small group? Join Steve at The Mendlesham Community Centre at 11.30am to watch the show. Then hang around for some lunch and games afterwards – bring the whole family.
If you’ve got teens then they are invited to spend the day in Felixstowe with Matt and the 242 team. (Call 01449 710437 to book in.)
Oh… And bring your slinky if you wish.
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