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For free, confidential advice please email:


If you are feeling overwhelmed & muddled by debt, or if you just require some additional help in getting a budget plan together, please contact us. 

The CAP Money Management course will provide you with the tools you need to successfully navigate your way through your finances. We can run the course one-on-one or as part of a group, whatever suits you best. It is for those people who may feel overwhelmed by bills, credit card debts, low income and job insecurity. It can also be like an MOT for your finances to prevent future problems.

The course is free. It can be done confidentially with individuals or couples to focus on their particular situations. It can also be done in small groups, home groups or as an organised community course.

Course Overview:

Session 1: Begin to Budget, Who’s in Control?

  •     Building a Budget, paper and pen, spreadsheet or on-line!!!!
  •     Balancing Income V’s Expenditure, cutting out, cutting back and cutting costs
  •     The CAP money system: Regular payments, Living with cash & Savings
  •     CAP Money Plus, links to CAP Head Office.

Session 2: Learning the System, Keeping it in perspective!

  •     Setting up the accounts,
  •     All regular payments/Bills,
  •     General living expenses, living with cash
  •     Future costs/savings
  •     Irregular income

Session 3: Up and running, What’s next?

  •     Maintaining the system, Faithfulness in finance,
  •     Debt reduction, which one first?
  •     Saving, avoiding debt,
  •     Giving, giving more because you can!!!!

Each delegate receives their own workbook, even if couples attend – ensuring you to have all the details you need, in black and white in front of you.  You can also be registered with CAP on-line IF you wish.  Finally, if you need it, we’re able to provide direct links to a financial advisor at Bradford.

So, whether you are a student, or preparing for retirement, and everything in between, the course will help you build a realistic budget for your personal situation, save for future needs and live week by week using cash.This course is open to all, so if you know anyone who would benefit from these session, please advise them to contact us.

To get in touch confidentially please email:

Alternatively, you can contact the church office on 01449 710 437 or



“Before joining the Forge church I had accumulated approximately £17,000 worth of debt on credit cards and loans. I had worked myself in to the ground worrying about it so went to sit with the prayer team one Sunday morning, after a sermon on debt, and talk about it.  The prayer team told me about CAP and how they could help. I instantly signed up for the course, learnt how to budget my money, how to use cash properly and what I needed to do to clear the debt. Two years down the road I am debt free, overdraft free and managing my money well, so well I actually came home from a holiday with spare money! I am now also volunteering for the local credit union which is fabulous. I no longer stress over money worries, thank you CAP!”

“About 8 years ago I got the chance to attend a CAP course that the Forge was running. At that point we were in debt with a large overdraft and credit card and just seemed to stagger from month to month. The first and most important thing I learnt was there was no quick fix for our situation and we needed to change what we had been doing and stick with it. I would not say we are 100% there yet but we are very close and feel so blessed.  We have recently been able to treat ourselves to a dream-come-true holiday and been able to help our sons out financially when they have needed it.  We haven’t quite reached the target of having two months of money for bills in the bank but we are very close. This has not been easy but I really feel I have handed over our finances into God’s hands. We are now doing our part in managing our money.  As with all things, God has used all of this to help us rely on Him and learn to not just trust but to plan, with the help of CAP.”

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