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Forge Lives

Making life better & Making you better at life

Here at the Forge, we want to create a church community that un-churched people love to be a part of. We shape our Sunday services around ensuring that those far from God feel able to come close and to explore faith. 

So we’ve put together a suite of videos that we will be slowly adding to over time. The topics of these videos cover every facet of life from birth right through to death, and over time we hope to fill this suite with practical topics that tie into every day life.

We’re confident that even as a stand-alone product these video will hold their own value, in being truly useful and easily accessible:


Bereavement (Loss)
At some point in life, all of us face the pain of losing someone we love. The pain of grief can be overwhelming and it’s sometimes hard to find hope. This video may help you, or someone you know, to navigate such difficult times: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Being a Great Dad (Parenting)
Just found out you’re about to become a father? Or maybe you’re tearing your hair out with worry and anxiety, unsure how best to raise your kids? This video raises some great first steps to help you be a better parent: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Managing Margin (Debt)
We all have to manage our margin, it doesn’t matter whether we have lots or little, you need to know how much is coming in and how much is going out. This video helps unpack some simple first steps: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Depression & Anxiety (Coming Soon)
For those suffering with Depression and/or Anxiety, the world can seem bleak at times. We’ve put together several key steps to help you, or someone you know who is struggling in this area to navigate the fog: coming soon


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