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How Do I Get Help?

Help starts here.  Everyone goes through tough times in their lives; mostly we can cope with all that comes our way but sometimes, every so often, we need a little extra help and that is where the Forge Care & Support team can help.

We can offer 4 levels of support:

Practical help – you need a lift to an appointment because your car has failed its MOT; you have to visit hospital regularly and it would be so good to have a home cooked meal instead of yet another take away.

Prayer – you want to know that someone is praying for you as you go for a job interview, hospital appointment, family meeting.

Emotional support – To talk with someone, have them listen to your story, pray for you as well as to ask ‘How did it go’ when it’s all over, this can make a real difference.

Emergency care – There has to be a safe place to talk and then a route forward for when really difficult situations such as marital or financial problems, abuse or addictive issues, strike.  To find the best, next step, can be so helpful at a time of real stress and anxiety.

Big issues – Sometimes there are issues that just seem too big. It’s hard to even know how to start wrestling with them. When this is the case spending time with someone wise and trusted to help you understand what’s going on is really valuable. If you don’t know who to have that conversation with then any of the elders of the Forge are happy to. You can approach them directly or a staff member can introduce you.

Getting in contact

If you need some help or support you can click here to email our team, or call 01449 710 437 and a team member will call you back and help you make the next step.

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