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The work of the Forge is funded through the unbelievably generous, regular giving of individuals. Through these offerings we are able to fund the vision and activities of the Forge. For those that would call themselves Christians; giving reiterates the importance of God, it shows that we put Him first in our life.

There are a number of ways for you to give to the Forge:

Give Online – Click here to give electronically right now

Standing Order – This allows you to set up a regular payment to come out of your bank account and be sent directly to the Forge Bank account.  You are always in control of this method of payment as you can cancel, amend, suspend or increase your giving at any time by simply contacting your bank. To set this up, download our Standing Order Form and please return it to:

The Forge Community Church
The Old Chapel
Forward Green
IP14 5HP

If you wish to amend your standing order, please download the Standing Order Amendment Form and send it direct to your bank or to the above address.

Gift Aid – If you are a tax payer, by simply signing a Gift Aid declaration and returning it to the Forge Office, we can collect tax back on your identifiable gifts.  This can increase your giving by 25p from every pound you give away to a charity.  All the government asks is that you have paid an equivalent amount of tax in each tax year.

Cash – Giving cash suits lots of people and so to help anyone who wants to give in this way, we provide small cash envelopes which can be used each week.   If you want some of these simply email and we will send a supply to you.

Other ways to give:

  • You can set up your own charity account which has been specifically designed to make giving to charities easy and tax efficient.  Two organisations that offer such a service are and  but there are others that may suit your needs better.
  • Some employers also offer a Give As You Earn (GAYE) system.

Don’t forget – If you want to give money away, ask yourself a simple question – How can I do this easily and tax efficiently?  So, next time the DEC launch a large scale appeal, you may find that giving directly to them, and ticking the gift aid box, will allow them to receive not just your gift but the tax rebate element as well.  As opposed to dropping a sum of money into the Forge collection basket, which is great but could be even better if the tax element followed the gift.

Where does my money go to?:

You can access information on our financial reports and situation for previous years here.

If you want to find out more please email or give the office a ring on 01449 710437, we are here to help.

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