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The Story

A series based on a best-selling book called – The Story. It’s the bible but as one continuous story of God and his people. It beautifully paraphrases all the major bible stories and events chronologically. These ancient writings tell the grandest, most compelling story of all time. A story of a God who creates us, loves us and saves us.

At the beginning of this epic story, God walked with his people in a stunning garden. At the end of the story he will walk again with us on streets of gold. The question is: What will happen on the pages in between?

Each chapter of the story reveals a God who speaks; a God who acts; a God who listens; and a God whose love for us culminates in the sacrifice of his only son. Yet the most exciting reality is that this same God is alive and active today – still listening, still acting and still pouring out his love on our daily foibles, our ups and downs, and our questions and fears. It’s this same God – who forgave David’s failure, rescued Jonah from the belly of a fish and led his children through the desert wilderness – who helps us get past our failures and rescues us for both this life and the life to come.

God’s epic story and your story are really one and the same. So journey with us and see where your story fits in this big, epic story of God.

We have created a group study guide, for free, for you – Download the guide here

Series One – The beginning of life as we know it

Week 1 – How it all began

Week 2 – Abe & Sarah: If you think you are too old – think again!

Week 3 – Joseph: from prison to the palace

Week 4 – Moses: Don’t let your limitations stop you serving God

Week 5 – The ten commandments: rules for the road

Series Two – Wandering in the Wilderness

Week 1 – The wandering begins (Episode 6)

Week 2 – The battle begins (Episode 7)

Week 3 – A few good men… and women (Episodes 8 and 9)

Week 4 – Standing tall, falling hard (Episode 10)

Series Three – Game of Thrones

Week 1 – From Shepherd to King (Episode 11)

Week 2 – The Trials of a King (Episode 12)

Week 3 – The King who had it all (Episode 13)

Week 4 – A Kingdom torn in two (Episode 14)

Week 5 – God’s Messengers (Episode 15)

Week 6 – The Beginning of the End (for Israel) (Episode 16)

Series Four – All Fall Down

Week 1 (Series 4) – The Kingdoms Fall (Episode 17)

Week 2 (Series 4) – Daniel in Exile (Episode 18)

Week 3 (Series 4) – The Return Home (Episode 19)

Week 4 (Series 4) – The Queen of Beauty and Courage (Episode 20)

Week 5 (Series 4) – Rebuilding The Walls (Episode 21)

Series Five – Revolution

Week 1 (Series 5) – The Birth of a King (Episode 22)

Week 2 (Series 5) – Jesus’ Ministry Begins (Episode 23)

Week 3 (Series 5) – No Ordinary Man (Episode 24)

Week 4 (Series 5) – Jesus, the Son of God (Episode 25)

Week 5 (Series 5) – The Hour Of Darkness (Episode 26)

Week 6 (Series 5) – The Resurrection (Episode 27)

Week 7 (Series 5) – New Beginnings (Episode 28)

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