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FAQs for parents

“Does it cost anything to be a part of 242 ?”

We love having your young people involved with us and there is no charge for our weekly events.

Our social trips out do cost but full details of these are contained within the parental information for the event. We never want lack of funds to be a barrier to anyone taking a full and active part in 242 so if this is ever an issue please do not hesitate to come and talk with us

“Will my child be safe at 242 events?

At the Forge we count it a real privilege to have an input into your child life and will do all we can to keep them safe at the events we run. We take good practice seriously whilst encouraging good, open, healthy relationships between our 242 team and the 242 young people.

All our 242 team are CRB checked (enhanced), receive regular child protection training, and are committed to following best practice guidelines.

We have a comprehensive SafeGuarding policy that has been approved by the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS).

We also operate an inclusive transportation policy;  strict leader : young person ratio(s);  risk assessments and general H&S information. All of these policies are available to view from the The Forge Church Office.

“Do you ever take photographs or video footage of my child ?”

At The Forge we love using up-to-date media images of people involved with us. This really helps to create a community feel. Photo’s & short video footage are often shot at various events we run. These images are only ever used within a Forge setting or on this Forge website. We do not share these images with anyone else. Names and contact details are never linked to images.

However on our General Permissions Form there is an opt out section for you as a parent and we take seriously your request(s).

What does a typical 242 small group look like?

These groups run in peoples homes with a couple of leaders to … well lead ! Normally we start with drinks and snacks; a game or two; maybe a film clip and then into the Bible. Our aim ?  To build relationships, to offer a chance for young people to share their thoughts and to help them connect what we read in the Bible with their everyday life.

We’ve anticipated some of the questions you might ask but if you’ve got any others please don’t hesitate to email us

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