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Meet The Team

Tim SparkesTim Sparkes – Some say I bring a wealth of experience as I have been a volunteer youth leader for many years. Some say I’m just never transitioned into the adult congregation. My wife says I should just grow up. Like Tim Warnock the young people say I am a fossil, efficiently known as Mr Sparkles.
I am part of the team at Thurston and attend The Forge along with my wife Lisa and 3 children. During the week I work in Logistics and get lost in spreadsheets and wish I could stay in them forever.
I enjoy spending time with my family, watching films and playing Xbox. My wife still says I should grow up.

Matt Levett – The leader of the sinking ship, Matt took over from Dan Waspe as 242 leader and boy did he have a tough job to beat Dan’s standards as the worst dressed and worst hair of 242 and boy has he had a good crack at it! Matt’s stories never cease to amaze us as 242 not for the content that perhaps you would expect from a church youth leader but always interesting none the less. Matt dulcet tones and slight physique often have seen him get into trouble with the law in the many countries of the world he has been to. Matt has an inappropriate obsession with 2 things in life, peanut butter and wonder woman and is willing to fight to the death for the name of DC comics.

Tim WarnockTim Warnock – I’m Tim Warnock, I’ve been leading in 242 for far too long and I’m totally out of touch with what young people like. In fact I’m so old the young people actually call me a fossil!
I work for West Suffolk College where I head up the Construction Apprenticeships department where I help with recruitment and mentoring young people working within the Construction Industry.
I really enjoy working with young people, I love their honesty, sense of community and I love the banter that they bring.


Louise CobboldLouise Cobbold –I’m Louise, I’m 37 (yes, born in the 70’S!!). I am perhaps your typical youth leader…someone who does not like growing up and having fun is right near the top of the priority list! I may act like a teenager but don’t be deceived, I am actually a responsible adult with a husband (Chris) and two kids (Joshua and Amy) as well as my own business (I’m an Artist). Outside of work and family life, I also like to hang out with our cats (a bit like one of those weird cat ladies!). I love working with young people….cause they’re a bit like adults but much more fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. If there’s a party to go to, a chance to perform, dress-up or sing karaoke or play scrabble…count me in!!

Sophie TapscottSophie Tapscott – My name is Sophie, I’m 20 years old and I am a leader of 242 Debenham and also help lead the Debenham small group. I work for Imagine Spa Blofield Heath as the Guest Services Coordinator and I can pretty much quote the Shrek films word for word. Love being part of 242 and couldn’t imagine my days without this crazy bunch of awesome young people.

KevinKevin Keegan – I am the father of one (a daughter named Aoife) and I work for a mission agency (Serving in Mission), in the head office processing applications and arranging travel and visas for missionaries – lots of sending and receiving of forms.
I love engineering and know all the theory, but I lack the experience or tools to do a good job. I was restoring a 1965 Land Rover, but that has now been handed over to professionals, who estimate it’ll take 6 months to do the work properly. I have built and extension onto my garden shed and I’m 18 months into constructing a simple garden chair using old pallets!
I like to ‘give things a go’, and most Sundays I will be sporting a DIY related injury.
I’ve been shot twice! Neither time was fatal.
I love late 19th century to mid-20th century art.
As a child I fell into a large patch of stinging nettles and I was stung all over. ALL OVER!
I do enjoy a cable knitted sweater.
My dream job would be a cowboy or a pirate.
I am glad that I live in a world where gold coloured alloy wheels exist.
I once came 3rd in the International Bognor Birdman Competition (Kingfisher Class).
I would choose lemon curd over jam given the option at breakfast.

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