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The Base

The Base exists in Debenham and Thurston, reaching almost 200 young people a week. The Base is a youth service for young people aged 11-17. We exist to work with these young people, their families, schools and communities; to enable them to think positively about themselves, make positive choices, resist negative influences and become the best they can be.

No issues affecting young people and their families are irrelevant to us and our highly skilled leaders are competent and trained in delivering informal education, having appropriate and helpful conversations and dealing with issues as they arise.

Our current range of services include 2 weekly open access drop in’s:

Debenham – The High Suffolk Centre, IP14 6BL– Term time Fridays, 7-9.30pm
Thurston – Cavendish Hall, IP31 3RU – NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING

What is The Base?

The Base exists to help all young people discover and build a strong personal foundation of value, identity and purpose, a solid base from which each person can grow and develop. We work with and support young people, families, schools and communities to develop and stand on these foundations by:

  • Growing Potential
  • Building Community
  • Providing Opportunity

We also look to offer 1 to 1 mentoring, leadership and character development, 1-1 counselling and topical sessions for parents.

The Base is rooted in, and motivated by a Christian ethos. As such, we believe that the funny bunch we call the human race, is more than just another species on this planet. We believe that every human being – regardless of age, sexuality, nationality, or creed – is a unique being, created by a God who loves them unconditionally. At The Base, our Christian ethos is the source of our motivation and vocabulary, but we don’t ask and would never expect people to behave a certain way or believe certain things. We simply want to provide a safe environment where people can belong and grow.

More info


For more information, email the Base team and we’ll get back to you.

Want to get involved?

The Base would not be possible if it wasn’t for volunteers. Being a Base leader is great fun, it’s rewarding and we’ll even train you in relevant youth work practices. If you’d like to do a ‘taster’ session please get in touch or click here to complete an application form.

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