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What We Do

A lot of what we do revolves around food, having a meal, sharing snacks! We often start by watching a TV show, a clip from a film or with some games. Once we’ve done that we get into groups and discuss what we’ve just watched and compare it to what God says to us in the Bible. Different people from the 242 team head this up and it’s a chance to look at issues that matter and say what you really think. We want Sundays to be creative and engaging experience where we learn interactively from each other about God and how to live life His way. We start at 10.30am in Debenham and 4pm at Thurston.

This meets in Stonham Aspal & Stowmarket on a Tuesday evening @ 7.30pm if you’d like to get in touch about this group please email Matt

The Thurston group also meet on a Tuesday evening @ 7.30pm, if you’d like to get in touch about this group please email Tim

Its an inclusive small group of young people that chat, laugh and cry with others (we don’t always cry but chatting and laughing are compulsory). We go abit deeper and explore what the Bible has to say about life and then chat about how we can really make it work!

This is our social programme full of different events for us to come along and have fun in. Every month it’s somethinbg different. No Bible study just fun. Paintballing, bumboarding, cinema, eat all you can Chinese, girls only Christmas shopping to BlueWater, DVD nights …. You know the kind of thing. A great place to meet people.

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