The Thrill of Hope

What are you really hoping for this Christmas?  Beyond the gifts and the lavish dinners, what would REALLY make a difference?  After the year we’ve had, full of certainty and fear, we could all do with something to look forward to.  For so many of us, it is that sense of excitement, anticipation and opportunity that defines Christmas…

Over 2000 years ago, the first Christmas had exactly the same sense of expectation.  For generations, people had been waiting anxiously for something that might offer hope for their nation in the midst of uncertainty and fear.  They discovered that hope came in the form of a tiny baby, born in a stable, lying in a manger.  Perhaps for you, this Christmas, you’ll find the hope you’ve been looking for in this same child?

Tune in from 10:30am on December 20th as we invite you from your home into ours.  An immersive, online experience where we’ll share all the fun and festivities of Christmas.  Step away from the hustle of this season and into the hope you’ve been searching for.



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