We believe that circles are better than rows, that life really is better connected.

We absolutely love the community that is built in our groups. and believe you can go further faster in relationship. So, if you want to deepen friendships, pursue God & grow with others – why not join a 10 Month Group? With community, growth and intimacy at the heart, these groups are designed to create opportunities for life change.


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Less location specific, but still a great way to meet new people and access life transforming material


These are same-sex groups that share life & support each other. Nothing to do with sprinting or spandex!

Why only ten months?

By setting a fixed 10 month time-frame, our hope is that we can foster greater momentum and focus both individually and as a group. By providing a start and end point, groups are more visible, accessible and we hope more exciting. Clear launch dates allow us to promote and encourage sign-up, also help everyone who wants to connect find a group to join. You can meet and get to know more people by experiencing different groups over time. The time-limited approach also provides the prospect of launching new groups with identified apprenticed leaders – by encouraging growth from within, we hope to promote more 10 Month Groups over time.

Individual circumstances have a habit of changing with factors both in and outside of our control. Whether it’s to do with our work, relationships or family, these circumstances and events can change what we want out of a group, also, what we feel comfortable contributing. A 10 month life-cycle allows you to find a group that matches your current circumstances, needs, wants and preferences. If your circumstances change or you just want to experience an alternative group, the 10 Month Group model has exibility built in.

Can I stay with my friends?

What sits at the heart of 10 month Groups is the hope that people find and form relationships. Relationships that encourage, support, community and growth. We aren’t in the business of splitting people up. We simply want to create more opportunities for as many people to connect in, sign-up, and get to know as many people in their location as they’d like.

Of course you can stay with your friends. Simply find a group and sign-up together. It’s best if you do it all at the same time to guarantee you all get spaces in the group of your choice.


What if I miss the sign up window?

Short Term Groups are designed for just such an eventuality. Starting every September, January and April, open for anyone to attend at any stage through the group, this is the place for new arrivals or those who didn’t sign up to connect and get to know people.

With another group sign-up designed for January and April, anyone who missed the July to September sign-up can simply join a Short Term Group and then ‘transfer’ into a group of their choice (where spaces are available) in the January and April transfer window.

How do I join a group?

There will be a clear launch date in July. You can then go to our website, view the available group options including details on leaders, dates, locations, times and style. Once clear on the options, you can sign-up online.

Each group will have a maximum number that it can take. Once filled, that group will become closed (i.e. unavailable to sign-up.)

What if the group I like is full?

Each group will have a maximum number that can sign-up (defined by the group leaders, with a maximum of 12.) If the group is full, take a look at the other groups available and see if another is a good match.

If you’re struggling, take a look at one of our other three Circle environments and see if there is a good fit for you there. Maybe a Central Groups, Running Mates or Serving Team will meet you and your friend’s needs.


Why are groups location specific?

The location of the groups will be determined by which location the leaders attend.

Of course, people can attend any group they’d like, but if building life transforming relationships is at the heart of groups, then it will be best, and have a longer term impact for you, your sense of community, and sense of belonging if you are in a group with other people from your location.


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