Debenham 10 Month Groups

 Welcome to the list of Debenham 10 Month Groups, we believe that life is better connected and we’d love you to sign up to the groups below…

Sarah fenning

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When: Tuesday, 7:30 – 9:00pm (weekly)

Where: Stonham Aspal

Spaces: Six

What: For women only! This group is for new Christians or those wanting to go over the basics of belief. It is design for those new or returning to faith. We will explore what it means to pray, engage with the Bible and make faith meaningful. Over the year, we will watch the Prayer Course, read Velvet Elvis, and use a variety of other materials in order to encourage a robust, exciting faith.

WILL & jenny elphick

When: Thursday 8pm (weekly)

Where: Wickham Skeith (but willing to travel)

Spaces: Ten

What: We hope you will join our group for a time of friendship, learning, growing, fun and outreach. We are planning to meet each week, initially at our home in Wickham Skeith but if others in the group are willing to host or lead we would love to meet in your home from time to time. We hope the group will support and pray for each other as we journey together. Our details are on Church Suite, or please feel free to come and talk to us at church!

emma & richard marsh

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When: Tuesdays, 7:30 (weekly)

Where: Old Newton

Spaces: Ten

What: We want to be a group that focuses on one another, in prayer, care for each other and the community around us. To look at how we as Christians can make the lives of those we come into contact with a better place, so that they ask, what is so different about us? We will aim to do things that will help us know how to answer their questions and introduce them to God.

hazel cameron

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When: Monday, 10am – 12pm (weekly)

Where: Mendlesham every other week, and then other peoples homes.

Spaces: Ten

What: We are a group that want to go deeper with God, whilst we share life, do study, and do craft together.  We will alternate our weeks so that one week we will do study, and the following week we will be doing craft together.  You don’t have to be an expert at either.  This is a place to come together, connect, grow both in knowledge, understanding and relationship with God, whilst also sharing craft projects.

Sue johnson

Get In Touch

When: Tuesdays, 7:30 – 9:30pm (weekly)

Where: Mendlesham

Spaces: Eight

What: I am a young-at-heart grandmother and my passion is to teach and encourage others. This group is for the young of faith, or those wanting a reminder of the foundational truths found in the Bible. We’ll ask questions like, “Who am I? How does God see me?”; “Does God talk to me? How can I hear Him?”; “What is the armour of God and how do I put it on?”; “What are the gifts of the Spirit and how do I use them?”  We’ll often eat together, frequently laugh together,  learn and grow.

Chrissie pignon

Get in Touch

When: Wednesday, 10:30am-12:00pm (weekly)

Where: Debenham (Framlingham side)

Spaces: Fifteen

What: A daytime group for ladies at all stages and ages of life, with a ‘come when you can’ attitude.  We’ll start with coffee and chat, but our time together will include reading the bible, sharing and praying with each other, and each others needs.  It’s a place to be welcomed, loved and encouraged, to listen, share and pray together.  Bring your little ones, come when not at work, retirees; come to enjoy a breathing space and Christian fellowship.

shirley humphrey

Get in Touch

When: Second Monday of each month (2:30pm – 4:30pm)

Where: Gislingham

Spaces: Eleven

What: (Very) Amateur Creative Writing and Creative Prayer Group. For anyone interested in creative writing & creative ways to pray for themselves and for others. This will be about praying in ways that are outside the conventional box. NO great talent for writing or grasp of how to pray is required. This is for anyone with an imagination and desire to write for their own pleasure and who would like to explore going deeper with God in prayer. It will hopefully be a place of encouragement and accessible to those who have never prayed out loud before and are timid about doing so, as well as for seasoned pray-ers.  Fellowship and developing friendships will be a key aim of the group.

Justin & Nicky Smith, Mike & Jane Ryder

Get In Touch

When: Wednesday 8pm (weekly)

Where: Framlingham area

Spaces: Ten

What: Why not connect with others that want to encourage & support one another? This is a group where all members are fully involved in group hosting, leading and planning. Each week we will get together and reflect on Sunday’s teaching

We’ll arrange a time in August to get together in a pub garden to plan the coming term.


Claire & Andrew Mulley

Get in Touch

When: Thursday 7:30pm (weekly)

Where: Stowmarket

Spaces: Eight

What: Andrew and Claire share a passion for worship, hosting and hospitality; we love opening up our home and cooking for others! Nothing makes us happier than sharing good food, building strong friendships and growing in faith. A typical evening will involve singing together, eating together (sometimes a full meal, sometimes just homemade cake!) and learning more about God – together!


GEOFF & Judy Robinson

Get in Touch

When: Wednesdays, 7:45pm (weekly)

Where: Stowmarket/Combs

Spaces: Eleven

What: Our group is built on the principle of building a strong, supportive community, where each member is valued and encouraged to participate in group evenings. We explore God’s word together using a variety of resources and media, spend time praying together and enjoying each other’s company, with lots of social activities. You will find a very warm welcome if you would like to spend time with this group. We meet once a week, with breaks for school holidays.


Dan & Ruth Russell

Get in Touch

When: Tuesdays, 7:30 – 9:30pm (weekly)

Where: Debenham

Spaces: Seven

What: This is our first time as group leaders. We will be hosting a group within Debenham, to study, discuss material & resources put together for 10 month groups. Topics can be discussed & decided as a group. We would like to be a place where friendships are made, where we can encourage each other in faith and our relationship with God, whilst also having fun together as we meet up for regular socials.


Chris Pignon, Adam & Louise Cowling

Get In Touch

When: Thursdays 8:00 – 9:30pm (fortnightly)

Where: Debenham area

Spaces: Nine

What: We will usually focus on a Bible study of some sort to help us grow in our relationship with the Lord, whilst giving time to praying together and socialising to help us deepen our relationships with each other. We will also try to involve ourselves, as a group, with the #ForDebenham days and other opportunities to connect with the community around us.


GILL fenning

Get in Touch

When: Wednesdays, 8pm (weekly)

Where: Wickham Skeith & Earl Stonham

Spaces: Ten

What: We are a group of “older” people who encourage and support each other, focusing on bible study and a desire to deepen our faith in God.


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