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In Forge Kids our aim is to create environments where children have amazing fun, build community and learn more about faith. We recognise that faith is a journey and so want to make every family feel welcome. 

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We are just so pleased that your child would choose to spend an hour of their weekend with us. Forge Kids is our gift to you and your children. Therefore, as far we can, we do not charge for events.

is it a safe environment?

Our environments are clean and well maintained. All volunteers in Forge Kids are required to undergo DBS background checks and personal interviews with Forge staff.  We also have a specific Forge Safeguarding team and a comprehensive policy in place. We also look to train volunteers on best practice. A copy of our Safeguarding Policy is available on request.

Where do I need to go?

On arrival, you and your child will be welcomed by our  registration team. On your first visit they may need to ask a few questions and take some details, but after that it’s simply a case of logging attendance. They will direct you to the correct venue where further volunteers will be waiting to greet you. All of our volunteers wear a badge and a big smile and will be happy to direct you!

CAN i stay with my child?

You are more than welcome to stay with you child on their first visit(s) if you want to see what we do. (However, you will not be able to interact with other children). You are also more than welcome to take them into the Adult congregation with you. Nevertheless, we would encourage you that we work very hard to ensure that your child will have a great time in Forge Kids. Our tailor-made environments are crafted with the needs and requirement of different age groups in mind. Also, our leaders take the time to integrate new attendees into the groups, offering additional support if needed.

How can I best help?

We want your child to have a fantastic time in church. When filling out your registration form you will notice we’ve included a space for details such as allergies and medical issues. Nevertheless, if there are any other things that would help us ensure your child is happy and comfortable, please let us know.

HOW can i assist midweek?

In Uptown Kids we provide a ParentLink flyer for every series. We want to ensure every child has one of these to take home. The Parentlink is a great way to follow up during the week and guides you on questions you can ask your child, and ways you can support them.


On arrival we welcome your child and allow them to socialise until we’re ready to begin. We then pull them together to say hello and set the theme of the day. From there we break into activity time; dependant on the age-bracket this can be craft, games, singing, stories or free-play.

What do we need to bring?

Unless your child needs specific medical equipment with them at all times, such as inhaler or epi-pens, you don’t need to bring anything. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for play (this can be outdoors during the summer) and if required, the older kids are welcome to bring a water bottle with them. 

Forge Kids

In Forge Kids we want to create environments where kids can have fun and learn more about faith. We aim to live out a vision of creating church communities that unchurched kids love being part of.

We believe in collaboration between our leaders and parents/carers. We will encourage you and aim to support you as a parent/guardian throughout the week, beyond a Sunday meeting.

We want to give children the best start in life by helping to give them the knowledge, skills and attitude to be the very best that they can be.


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