We are not talking about the striking jaw line of a catwalk model, or the rock-hard abs of an Olympic athlete. We are talking about some ancient wisdom chiselled on tablets of stone that still form the foundation of our western society.

“So Moses chiselled out two tablets of stone…” (Exodus 34:4)

God was about to download to his people some new rules for the road… And, like any teenager desperately searching for some WiFi, Moses was standing ready with his tablet…

These centuries old rules still speak to the social media obsessed society we live in today; they remind us to slow down, to recognise the importance of healthy relationships, they help us not to get jealous, and to think beyond ourselves.

This ‘monolithic ten’ continue to provide a moral compass to our modern society that has swapped chiselling on stone tablets… for typing on electronic ones.

Though sadly we no longer have the originals (not even in the British Museum!) their content is just as relevant today. They are ten personal pathways to a better life.


WEEK ONE – Have No Other Gods

WEEK TWO – Have No Idols

WEEK THREE – Do not take the Lords name in vain

WEEK FOUR – Honour Mum & Dad

WEEK FIVE – Thou shalt take a day off

WEEK SIX – Do not murder

WEEK SEVEN – Thou shalt not sleep around

WEEK EIGHT – Do not steal

WEEK NINE – Do not lie

WEEK TEN – Do not covet

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