You know those four letter words that slip out in a moment of frustration? You hit your thumb with the hammer, your team lose in the last minute of the game, you drop your iPhone in the toilet. Well… we say they ‘slip out’…in reality they come from a deeper place.

So maybe we should dive deeper and explore some other four letter words. When these words reside in you, they can change the way you move through life.

We might think the things that we say don’t really matter, but if we’re honest, they point to what is going on inside. So we thought it might be a good idea to focus on a few positive four letter words, words that could change the way we react and relate to each other, even the way we see our lives…


WEEK ONE – 13th October
“Let LOVE be your highest goal”

WEEK TWO – 20th October
“Keep the Sabbath, you need to REST”

WEEK THREE – 27th October
“God is KIND but he’s not soft”

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