Even if your iPhone is across the room, you just call “Hey Siri” and she will answer. No matter how many times you ask her for advice on the weather today, the latest score, or the traffic for your journey to work, she doesn’t get annoyed.

Siri has transformed the way iPhone users get advice on everyday questions. There is no shortage of devices and people handing out advice. Where do you go for wisdom to solve your life’s problems? Mum? Uncle Ted? Siri? We’ve got another name for you to add to your list…

Meet our friends James. He had a famous brother – Jesus. And he wrote a little self titled book that made it into the pages of the Bible. In it he offers some advice on everyday problems. If you want know if you need an umbrella today – ask Siri. But if you want to know how to deal with your rising anger or how to manage your words or how to clean up your relational messes – then ask James.

We guarantee its better advice than asking Siri.


WEEK ONE – 1st September
“Hey Siri, why does life stink sometimes?”

WEEK TWO – 6th September
“Hey Siri, Why do I have 2 Ears & 1 Mouth?”

WEEK THREE – 15th September
“Hey Siri, why do I want to hangout with the rich people?”

WEEK FOUR – 22nd September
“Hey Siri, how do I un-say something I’ve said?”

WEEK FIVE – 29th September
“Hey Siri, what are the rules of fight club?”

WEEK SIX – 06th October
“Hey Siri, is anyone up there listening to me?”

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