According to a survey in 2018, over half of the adult population pray. Yet over half the population also claim not to have a faith!?

Most of us, regardless of any faith have moments where we pray to God. Whether it’s desperately calling out in the midst of a health scare, pleading for a last minute goal for your football team or desperately calling on God for a favour in a busy car park, prayer is something that we resort to at some point in our lives. But does it really work? What are the magic words? How do we know anyone is listening? What do we do when what happens really isn’t what we prayed for? In March we’ll be exploring prayer and it’s potential power in our lives…



Sunday 1st March // Red Moon Rising (Why pray?)

Sunday 8th March // Dangerous Prayers (How do we pray?)

Sunday 15th March // God on Mute (What if nothing happens?)

Sunday 22nd March // How to keep praying? COVID-19 Response

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