Everyone loves a good story; funny ones or sad ones, long ones or short ones. Hosts use them to entertain guests at a dinner party, a funny story to lighten the mood; parents find one to comfort a hurt child with a story; friends deploy them to counsel a desperate neighbour with a story from their own life experience.

Over 2000 years ago Jesus told stories that we are still telling today. Whether you grew up in the church or not – chances are you’ve heard either parts of these stories, renditions of these stories or maybe you know them by heart.

These stories are more than just ancient anecdotes or religious truisms for the people of Jesus day. They were actually windows into some of life’s biggest mysteries about God. Though these stories were told long ago, they are uncannily relevant and applicable to our lives today. So get yourself comfortable and let’s begin…



STORY ONE – The Lost Sheep / April 28th

STORY TWO – The Wine Skins / May 05th

STORY THREE – The Mustard Seed / May 12th

 STORY FOUR – The Midnight Visitor / May 19th

STORY FIVE – The Great Banquet / May 26th

STORY SIX – The Two Sons / June 02nd


 STORY SEVEN – The Prodigal Son / June 16th

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