The most wonderful time of the year

With kids ‘jingle belling’ and everyone telling you ‘be of good cheer’… It really is the best time of the year… isn’t it??

After a year like 2020 it’s very difficult to find any ‘wonderful’ times. On top of that we’ve got the Christmas shopping to organise, the cooking, the decorating and finding somewhere for everyone to sleep! By the time the annual festivities begin we’re usually already done with the whole thing…

But behind all the ‘busy’ is something to really celebrate. Something that truly makes this time of year the most wonderful. A moment in history that defines Christmas as the ‘happiest season of all’. In this two week series, we’re going to sit back, take a breath, and remind ourselves about this wonderful moment, when the greatest story ever told began.


6th Dec 2020

13th Dec 2020

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