Finance Update 2020

Each month the Finance Team at The Forge look at the figures of what’s come in and what’s gone out; using those facts they then seek to share with staff, elders & trustees what is happening within The Forge, in terms of its financial health. The team asks itself questions like – is income where we want it to be? Are costs being controlled? Are we carefully monitoring restricted income both in and then out again?

July’s financial outcome was very similar to recent months.  People who call The Forge their home continue to demonstrate their generosity and support but giving to the church and we’re so grateful for that.  Some of you have been hit by lockdown and had to reduce your giving – we completely understand that and pray that you’ll get financial certainty back into your lives soon.  It’s been great though to see others increase their giving and several new people join the ranks of our regular donors.  For more information click GIVE.

Expenditure was a little higher than in May and June.  Furlough opportunities for staff were more limited, and we invested a modest amount of money to make the office more suitable for streaming and recording.

It seems early, but the staff team is beginning to wrestle with plans and budgets for 2021.  There’s a lot of uncertainty out there so please pray we will do that wisely.

If you have any questions or observations, please click here to email.

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