In the heart of the city of Denver you will find a community of street kids that are desperately vulnerable. That is why we’ve partnered with Open Door Ministries; to have an impact amongst the homeless population

Back in 2001, Bex Drake, who was a part of The Forge left the UK and went stateside. She has subsequently been working amongst the street kids of Denver for the majority of that time and each year we send a team to support her and Open Door Ministries in what they do. 

The teams we’ve sent in the past have handed out coffee, provided meals and shown friendship to these kids (who incidently aren’t actually kids and can range in age from 16-40+). We’ve also been involved with Street2Life, a print shop that is giving work opportunities to some of those in need of a step up the employment ladder. Denver is an amazing place to be able to serve. We are not running any trips to Denver in 2020 but if you are interested in the work of Bex and ODM please get in touch via global@forgechurch.com. 


Bex Drake

Bex Drake

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Bex has been in Denver, USA since 2001 when the street kids of the city broke her heart and stirred her to work with them for the organisation Open Door Ministries.

We’d love you to pray for a street kid by name, and receive monthly updates with how they’re doing and what they need.

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