We believe that life is better connected.

We absolutely love the community that is built in our groups. and believe you can go further faster in relationship. So, if you want to deepen friendships, pursue God & grow with others – why not join a group? With community, growth and intimacy at the heart, these groups are designed to create opportunities for life change.


Plug into content and community. We offer a range of groups so that you can find a great fit.


We run whole host of different courses, these are designed to assist you in faith and in life


These are long term groups built around sustained friendship and accountability. It’s a space to be honest, share life & support each other. It’s about metaphorically ‘running through life’ with a few close friends, picking them up when they fall and cheering them on as they go for gold.

Can I stay with my friends?

The heart of our groups model is the hope that people find and form relationships. Relationships that encourage, support, community and growth. We aren’t in the business of splitting people up. We simply want to create more opportunities for as many people to connect in, sign-up, and get to know as many people in their location as they’d like.

Of course you can stay with your friends. Simply find a group and sign-up together. It’s best if you do it all at the same time to guarantee you all get spaces in the group of your choice.


What if I miss the sign up window?

Our groups have switched to a shorter term model, currently running for 10-12 weeks. We will then reopen signup with a new batch of groups, so you can ‘transfer’ into a group of your choice (where spaces are available) in the latter windows.

How do I join a group?

Visit the groups page on our website, scroll though the available group options including details on leaders, dates, locations, times and style. Once clear on the options, you can sign-up online.

Each group will have a maximum number that it can take. Once filled, that group will become closed (i.e. unavailable to sign-up.)

What if the group I like is full?

Our aim is to keep the quality of groups high, which means setting a maximum number that can sign-up (defined by the group leaders) If the group is full, take a look at the other groups available and see if another is a good match.

If you’re struggling, take a look at one of our other environments (such as courses, Running Mates or Serving Team) and see if there is a good fit for you there.


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